Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm famous!!!

Hurrah! I'm famous now (blush). Actually I am just so thrilled to be sharing the space with other famous bloggers from across the world.

Kelly of The Tax Girl fame, in a unique and interesting concept, brings tax bloggers together. She interviews a tax blogger and posts their replies every Tuesday (well almost).

Getting to know you Tuesday brings across to tax blog addicts several interesting interviews. Kay Bell, whom regular readers of this blog know well and several others have been featured in this series.

Check it out.

(Disclaimer- Unfortunately the photograph is not mine, but that taken in the Dance Village, Bangalore. This little guy propped up against the wall seemed cute)


laughingwolf said...

just read that tax girl interviews, grats to you, lubna :)

Rash said...

congrats! congrats! :)

Rash said...

are you on orkut? or facebook?